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German Design & Quality Concept

YOSUN has become a great leading brand specializes in bathtub ranges design, manufacturer and global marketing after more than 10 years developing with her parent company “Guangdong Suncoo Technical Co.,Ltd. “ .
Her parent company “Guangdong Suncoo Technical Co., Ltd.”  was established in 2001 and has been specializing in bathroom furniture, ceramic toilets, shower enclosure and bathtubs steadily。 “SUNCOO” has successful experience to supply European DIY market chain such as   “Adeo, Kingfisher and some vendors to supply Home Depot, Lowe’s.
YOSUN have been serving renowned companies all around the world for over 10years and set up very good business relationship globally and 2000 franchised shops network in Local market channels with “Suncoo” today.
YOSUN develop new products together with our customers, adding our design ideas and engineering know-how to our customers’ projects. Our extensive experience in the bathroom industry enable us to know N/A, European and Asian bathroom markets well, which makes YOSUN one of the most reliable partners in the bathroom industry. Our advanced facilities and qualified engineers offer you hassle free top level quality and elegant design.
We understand customers’ needs clearly and can provide customers with a personalized service, accurate deliveries, and quality product that respect your standards.
YOSUN, your reliable business partners! 


At Yosun we never stand still. We are always thriving to improve ourselves, our products and the support we provide to our customers. Working close with our customers, identifying their needs and listening to their suggestions have allowed us to create products close to the pulse of time and to their future users’ requirements. All our products are designed and engineered in-house. This guarantees short distances, immediate feedback and enables us bringing new ideas to the market sooner.


Yosun Bathtub have been designed, engineered and tested to last. We set ourselves a strict quality policy against which we measure all our activities. For us quality is a broader concept than purely products of high quality. We see customer satisfaction and service quality as integral parts of our quality approach.


One of the secrets of our success is the people behind the business. Experienced management, innovative designers, well-trained engineers and motivated workers are at the heart of Yosun. Our team is dedicated to create products that make the most important people happy: our customers.

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Quality Management and Assuranc

We have a clear goal and follow our core values.


Production Facilities

We have a clear goal and follow our core values.


Quality Policy

We have a clear goal and follow our core values.